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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the area like around the school?

We are located on the Coast of Oregon, so we have beautiful beaches, hiking trails, rivers, and lots of fresh local seafood, mushrooms, etc. 

More Information on our area:

What is the schools acceptance rates?

We are an open enrollment campus, we accept everyone that has all the admissions requirements met, including a payment plan to show that you can provide a way to pay for the program.

What is the different cost of living on and off campus?

First year freshman are required to live on campus for their first year unless they are over the age of 21, have family in the area or are a veteran. 

More information about our student housing: 

What scholarships are offered?

Our scholarships are offered on the SWOCC website: http://www.socc.edu/scholarships from January 1st to March 1st.

What is the student teacher ratio?

There are typically 15-20 students per class.

What are the job options on and off campus?

There are several restaurants locally as well as other opportunities to work outside the restaurant industry. We also offer federal work study, and on-campus jobs such as OCCI student ambassador, garden, greenhouse, administration, cleaning, etc.

What is the minimum GPA to enter and what does it need to stay?

There is no minimum GPA to be admitted but you must take a placement test in Writing and Math, or have SAT, or ACT scores so we know where to place you in your academic/general education courses. 

What is the male/female ratio?

It's about 50/50 in Culinary and 75 female/25 male in Baking and Pastry.

What are the advantages/disadvantages?

The advantages of OCCI are the small class sizes for more one-on-one attention in the classroom, on-campus housing, located on a college campus, having that college experience while going to culinary school, one year on campus for classes for a 2 year degree (Associates Degree), a discounted rate for doing both culinary and baking program, garden, greenhouse for freshly picked foods to prepare, family feel, once you are a student here we will go out of our way to see you succeed, you are not just a number, we care about your success and want to help you achieve it. Disadvantages are few; about the biggest disadvantage is that the school is located in a small town thereby offering less opportunity for employment. We have our connections though, so the small town factor isn't really an issue.

Why haven’t I received my degree?

Did you send in your finishing externship paperwork? Did you complete your graduation application? Did you do your Loan Exit Interview?

How do I register for classes?

OCCI utilizes block registration. This means that we will register everyone at the same time, we do all the work for you because all the classes are the same for everyone, this makes it easier for you.

Where do I go to see my schedule?

Lakerlink https://mylakerlink.socc.edu/ics/

What if I have already taken some general education classes, such as math?

If you have already taken any of the required classes for the degree, you will not have to repeat them if you received a passing grade and we have your transcript. However, the math class is a culinary specific math class, so if you have had a higher level math class you still need to take the Math 81 culinary calculations class, but there is an option to petition.

If I am a Veteran do I have to take Health 250?

No. Veterans have met the requirement for that class from their military training.


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