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Tuition and Fees

Affordability - The icing on the cake.


At OCCI, we believe there is no reason why a top culinary program can't be affordable. We pride ourselves on combining an outstanding educational experience with competitive tuition rates so that our students derive the highest value for their hard-earned educational dollars.

We expect great things from the graduates of our program, that's why we provide highly marketable culinary skills in conjunction with a practical fee structure -- we want to do everything possible to help you succeed at the highest level.

As a program of Southwestern Oregon Community College, a two-year public institution fully accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, federal and State financial, scholarships, and loans are available to OCCI students.

The cost of OCCI is a flat $25,200 for the entire program, one of the lowest rates -- and best values -- in the country. And there are no hidden charges with OCCI; your single fee includes your chef uniforms, a top quality knife kit or baking kit, all food for your classes, your books, and all class fees. Be sure to compare this package price with other culinary schools that add on numerous fees to the base tuition for "extras" that are included at OCCI. These hidden charges often add thousands to the price you will pay for your culinary education.